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From time to time, the Collision Industry Conference will pursue projects and develop papers, resolutions and booklets in order to improve inter-industry communication and find solutions to the complex issues that are challenging the industry. Some of these documents are available in both a text version and as a portable document file (PDF). A PDF can be saved, viewed and printed using Adobe Acrobat Reader software.
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Beneficial and Productive Repairer-Insurer Relationships 2012

 "Best Practices" for Writing an Estimate 2009

"Best Practices" for Estimating Processes 2008

Minimum Recommended Requirements for a "Class A" Collision Center 2005

Anti-Fraud Guidelines for Ethical Business Conduct 2001

Consumer's Guide to Collision Repair Process Brochure

(As mentioned in Moving Parts Magazine) **Download time is from 30 sec to 4 min.

"Best Practices" Guidelines for the Use of Quality Used Parts
Jan.2001 – Write It Right Committee

"Best Practices" Guidelines for Estimating and Processing Auto Physical Damage Claims
July 1999 – Write It Right Committee

Technical Employee Skill Recommendations –
January 1999 – Definitions Committee

Parts Handling Guidelines –
January 1999 – Parts & Airbags Committee

Consumer Brochure Guide To Fraud Awareness
This 2-sided, tri-fold brochure is a Portable Document File (pdf) –
January 1999 – Anti-Fraud Committee

Minimum Recommended Requirements for a "Class A" Collision Center
2005 – Definitions Committee

Recommended Guidelines for Class A Auto Physical Damage Insurance Operation
December 1997 – Definitions Committee

Recommended Criteria for Class A Professional Independent Appraiser
December 1997 – Definitions Committee

Results of the questionnaire on Parts Handling and Quality
January 1997 – Parts and Airbags Committee

Guide To Fraud Awareness
November 1997 – Fraud Committee

CIC Industry Survey
January 1997 – New Business & Issues Committee

Glossary of Terms (pdf file in Acrobat)–

Click here for online version that is searchable by alphabet
January 1997 – Definitions Committee
(This document is currently being updated. If you notice missing terms or have suggestions or corrections for the definitions of existing terms, contact one of the Co-Chairs listed below.)

Referral Program Definitions
April 1996 – Definitions Committee