The following documents and reports were either produced by the CIC Definitions  Committee or are related to the work of this committee. Click on the appropriate title in order to read or download the document. If you wish to comment on any of these documents or reports, please email the chairman.

The Collision Industry Conference Definitions Committee is an industry volunteer group comprised of repairers, insurers and suppliers and others whose mission it is to assist in clarifying and bringing universal understanding to the terminology used in the automotive collision repair industry. The committee receives submissions for review, possible modification to limit content to just definitions, and publication to the CIC Wiki Glossary.

*Submissions to the committee will be reviewed for proper categorization and that content is limited to definitions only. The committee will ask that submissions not include application of price or labor times to be paid or otherwise cost associated with any definition.

Definitions Work Products

CIC Collision Repair Provider Definition 2017

Definitions Presentations

2024-4Definitions – CIC Wiki Terms for Adoption – Updated definitions of “Estimate” and “Repair Plan”

2022-11Definitions Committee Review

2019-4-Definitions Committee Review

2019-1-Definitions Committee Review

2018-10-Definitions CIC Wiki Update: Review Process for Soliciting and Qualifying New Terms. New Committee Project: Spanish Language Initiative Discussion & Review

2018-8-Definitions New Glossary Terms & CIC Wiki Demonstration

2018-4-Definitions Glossary Project Developments / Wiki Introduction and Vetting Process

2018-1-Definitions Glossary Project Developments and online Wiki site progress

2017-10-Definitions 2017 Glossary Initiative Update / Segmenting & Grouping

2017-10-Definitions 2017 Glossary DRAFT Edits – Clean

2017-10-Definitions 2017 Glossary DRAFT Edits – Track Changes

2017-7-Definitions 2017 Glossary Initiative Update

2017-4-Definition Collision Repair Provider Definition Update / Adoption

2017-1-Definitions 2017 Initiatives

2016-9 Committee Notes: Call regarding OPT/ALT OEM Parts

2016-4-Definitions “Class A” Continued Discussion

2016-1-Definitions “Class A” Initiative Discussion – Draft

(Updated to document above) Class A Definition Draft for Consideration

2015-4-Definitions Review and Update the Class A Shop Document/ Review and Update the Glossary of Terms

2013-7-Definitions Project: Review and Update Class A Shop Document

2013-1-Definitions “Class A” becomes “Minimum Requirements” continued.

2012-11-Definitions “Class A” becomes “Minimum Requirements”

2012-7-Definitions CIC Class A Shop Discussion

2012-4-Definitions Parts Definitions


Committee Members

Chris Evans (Co-Chair),, 309-763-3943

Barry Dorn (Co-Chair),, 804-746-3928×105


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