Participant Guidelines


The CIC exists for the benefit of the entire collision industry. No preference is given to any industry segment or constituent.  All are welcome and all are encouraged to participate. CIC seeks to create an environment that fosters the free exchange of ideas with a common goal of improving the collision industry. Only where participants commit to norms of mutual respect, civility and courtesy, can this environment exist in its most productive form.

Accordingly, all attendees of the CIC are asked to abide by the following Code of Conduct:


  • Be active – get involved! Find a subject that is interesting to you and get on the committee! Any participant can join any committee.
  • Please… use microphones! Introduce yourself and the company you are with, speak clearly to ensure everyone can hear you.  Please refer to: “Open Microphone Standard Operating Procedures”.
  • All participants shall be treated with dignity; Verbal abuse or harassment, including comments that are insulting, threatening or slanderous will not be tolerated.
  • Never use group pressure to embarrass or force an outcome or decision that clearly requires further deliberation. Participate and encourage participation.
  • If you would like a question asked and fear potential retribution, we encourage you to approach any of the CIC past chairs. They will ensure your question is presented (if appropriate) and will ensure anonymity.
  • Committee input should go through committee chair. Protocol would ask that any new material / discussion be shared with the Chairman prior to presentation. The committee chairman and their contact information can be located here.
  • Use this forum as an opportunity to network with other industry members.
  • During all aspects of CIC meetings, all participants shall abide by the Federal Anti-Trust laws. A copy of the CIC Anti-Trust Policy can be found here.
  • Videotaping or streaming of any kind with any type of device is strictly prohibited at CIC meetings. Audio recording is allowed only by the trade media and audio tapes are to be destroyed upon completion of their writings. Anyone found recording without the express permission of the CIC Chairman will be asked to discontinue and asked to leave the meeting; the recording will be confiscated or deleted.

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