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April 2024

Estimating & Repair Planning [ppt show] – Boeing: From Wheels to Wings. Is there a difference in repair outcome? – Join special guest Kirsten
Bossenbroek Spalding, Technical Fellow and Engineering Liaison for Boeing Commercial Airplanes.

Definitions – CIC Wiki Terms for Adoption – Updated definitions of “Estimate” and “Repair Plan”

Governmental [ppt show] – The Collision Industry’s Stake in State Legislative Affairs in 2024

Parts & Materials [ppt show] – Minimizing Glaring Challenges with Matte & Semi-gloss Finishes

Emerging Technologies [ppt show] – Intro to Laser Welding, with some updated High-Voltage Vehicle Refinish Precautions

Data Access, Privacy and Security [ppt show] – Vehicle History Reports Panel, with Experian

Industry Relations [ppt show] – (Insurer-Repairer) Insights to Correct Calibrations

Future Disruptions [ppt show] – Practical A.I.: For Today, not Tomorrow

January 2024

Technical Task Force [ppt show] – Technical tips and hands-on highlights for all repair shops.

Parts & Materials [ppt show] – More than just a pretty paint: How radar-compliance affects safety systems and repairs.

Estimating & Repair Planning [ppt show] – Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Estimating Systems’ P-Page Updates.

Industry Relations [ppt show] – (Insurer-Repairer) Your Opinions Matter.

Industry Relations [ppt show] – (OEM-Repairer) The Cost of Mis-Repairing the Vehicle

Special Presentation – Talent Pool and Education [ppt show] – Industry outreach video.

Emerging Technologies Digital [ppt show] – “AI” Collision Curiosity.

HR Taskforce [ppt show] – Employment Law Update 2024

October 2023

Emerging Technologies Digital [ppt show] – Scan Tool Essentials for the Collision Shop

Data Access, Privacy and Security [ppt show] – My EULA, Your EULA, What data, Whose data?

Talent Pool and Education [ppt show] – Where are they now? Checking in on the Collision Engineering Program

Industry Relations [ppt show] – Processing The Claim- The Good, Bad and the Ugly

Special Presentation: [ppt show] – Industry Consolidation….A Candid Conversation

Special Presentation: [ppt show] – The Technician Crisis: Tapping into the Technician’s Perspective

July 2023

Emerging Technologies Digital [ppt show] – Progression of ADAS safety systems, now and into the Future

Emerging Technologies Analog [ppt show] – Required Changes to Refinish Operations Panel Discussion

Parts & Materials [ppt show] – Blend Study – the Sequel!

Future Disruptions [ppt show] – Telematics Myth Busting: Part 3

Talent Pool & Education [ppt show] – a Strategic Solution for ALL Segments of the Collision Industry –

Estimating & Repair Planning [ppt show] – A Journey Towards Collaborative [Language] Solutions

Data Access, Privacy & Security [ppt show] – EULA’s – WHO, WHAT AND WHEN: Who signed it? What did it say? When did they sign it?

OEM Industry Relations [ppt show] – Shop Considerations for OE Certification: straight from the Horses’ Mouths

April 2023

Emerging Technologies [ppt show] – EV and Hybrid Vehicle Intake Process

Marketing Council [ppt show] – CIC’s 40th Anniversary, Marketing and Administrative Announcements

Special Presentation [ppt show] – IIHS Update on Testing of EVs and ADAS Calibrations

Governmental [ppt show] – Impact of Inflation Reduction Act and Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act on the Collision Repair Industry

Industry Relations [ppt show] – The Supplement Challenge

Special Presentation [ppt show] – TechForce Foundation, Storytelling, Resources for Filling Technician Shortages

Estimating & Repair Planning [ppt show] – Jack of All Claims, Master of None

January 2023

Data Access, Privacy & Security [ppt show] – Data Privacy & Review: Panel Discussion

Emerging Technologies [ppt show] – Repairability Summit Activity in 2022

Estimating & Repair Planning [ppt show] – Does an Estimate provide a safe repair outcome for the vehicle owner?

Future Disruptions [ppt show] – Telematics Myth Busting: Part 2

HR [ppt show] – Employment Law Update: Map to the Latest Mine Field

Marketing Council [ppt show] – CIC’s 40th Anniversary, Administrative Announcements

Opening, Frank Terlep [ppt show]

Parts & Materials [ppt show] – The role of vehicle materials in process and business decisions

Special Presentation [ppt show] – Mike Anderson: Industry, Safety Systems Highlights

Special Presentation [ppt show] – Dave Leuhr: Becoming the Employer of Choice in Your Market

Special Presentation [ppt show] – March Taylor Fund

Talent Pool & Education [ppt show] – Connecting Talent with Employers

November 2022

Future Disruptions– Myth Busters: Telematics – The Real Truth About Telematics Today

Estimating & Repair Planning – Mission Possible? The Repairable Claim Challenges

Talent Pool & Education – How can you help yourself – Recruiting, Training, and Retention

Data Access, Privacy & Security – Understanding the Impacts of Data in the Collision Industry

Governmental – Periodic Vehicle Safety Inspections

Emerging Technologies – Evolving Technician roles and skills of collision repair now and in the future

Definitions – Wiki Proposed Industry ADAS Definitions

Marketing Council – CIC Slogan Contest Winner

Special Presentation – Shops’ view of insurers isn’t “all about the money” – Insurer Report Card

Parts & Materials – SCRS Blend Study Research Results

July 2022

Data Access – Data Control in the Collision Repair Industry

Emerging Technologies – How the Industry Needs to Address Future ADAS Opportunities

Estimating – Repairers and Insurers: Let’s Discuss the Challenges and Successes of Repair Planning

Future Disruptions– Future Industry Business Models

Governmental – Taking a Look at Post-Repair Inspection

I-CAR Special Presentation – This is a special announcement from I-CAR on a new key industry initiative.

Industry Relations – Total Loss: The Art & Science of “Getting it Right”

Marketing Council – CIC Slogan Contest

Parts – How Businesses are Managing Rising Costs of Parts and Materials

APRIL 2022

Marketing Council – The Incredibles: CIC Branding and Social Media News

Emerging Technologies –  Jumping Into the Deep End of the EV Pool (and not getting Shocked!)  A panel discussion.

Estimating – Stop Guessing and Start Researching for Safe Repair Outcomes

Governmental – Utilizing Apprenticeship Programs to Ease Workforce Shortages: A Legislative and Practical Review

Parts – As inflation accelerates, how can the industry navigate relief?

OEM Roundtable Special Presentation – OEM Roundtable Industry Update

Women’s Industry Network Special Presentation – Women’s Industry Network Update

Industry Relations – Totals…Is the Industry at a Loss?

Data Access – Data Access and Control

Talent Pool – Employer & Educator Collaboration


Future Disruptions, Part 1 and Part 2– An Introduction to Augmented, Virtual & Mixed Reality

Estimating (slideshow) Stop Guessing and Start Researching for Safe Repair Outcomes

Parts (slideshow) Supply Channel Pressures in Collision Repair

I-CAR Special Presentation I-CAR® Mixed Reality & High Voltage Technology

Emerging Tech Part 1 (slideshow) Tool and equipment updates for Scanning, Diagnostics, Programming and ADAS – Calibrations

Emerging Tech Part 2 (slideshow) Vehicle Construction Advancements Relevant to ADAS

Industry Relations (slideshow) Totals…Is the Industry at a Loss?

Data Access (slideshow) 17 Digits and Why They are Coveted

HR (slideshow) Employment Law Update


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