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The following documents and reports were either produced by the CIC Future Disruptions Committee or are related to the work of this committee. Click on the appropriate title in order to read or download the document. If you wish to comment on any of these documents or reports, please email the chairman.

Future Disruptions Documents

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  • 2024-4FutureDisruptions [ppt show] -Practical A.I.: For Today, not Tomorrow – An expert panel brings the A.I conversation to practical use cases in today’s businesses. There are many examples of how A.I will change our industry and world we operate in but there are just as many cases of A.I. being applied today in shaping the customer experience, managing communications, streamlining operations and enhancing how we get work done overall.
  • 2023-7FutureDisruptions [ppt show] – Myth Busters: Telematics Part 3: What’s next for Telematics? – Hear from OEM experts on how recent and upcoming Telematic innovations will change both product and experience for consumers and our industry
  • 2023-1FutureDisruptions [ppt show] – Myth Busters: Telematics Part 2 – In-depth panel from industry leaders discussing the impacts and implications of real world Telematic data usage and technologies. Panelists: Martin Ellingsworth (JD Power), Michael Anderson (Guidewire), Tony Triola (Verisk), Greg Horn (Parts Trader).
  • 2022-11FutureDisruptions– Myth Busters: Telematics – The Real Truth About Telematics Today – In the first of a series about “The Future of Telematics”, the Future Disruptions Committee Myth Busters presentation will try to cut through the “hype”, “vaporware” and “sales pitches” on vehicle telematics and present the “real” capabilities of vehicle Telematics today.
  • 2022-7FutureDisruptions– Future Industry Business Models – Every collision industry business segment is experiencing exponential change! These changes are driving every business to re-evaluate their existing business models. At the July CIC meeting the Future Disruptions Committee is convening a powerful panel to present and discuss potential new business models in transportation, collision repair, insurance and claims, battery-electric vehicles, vehicle recycling and more that the industry may adopt over the next 5-10 years.
  • 2022-1 Future Disruptions, Part 1 and Part 2– An Introduction to Augmented, Virtual & Mixed Reality and how these technologies will dramatically change all aspects of the automotive, collision and insurance industries.
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    • Tips: You can hover over any “black boxes” as videos to see Play button, then click outside of the box to advance slides.
  • 2021-11-2FutureDisruptions – Artificial Intelligence…The Reality…The Risks…The Limitations…The Future.
  • FutureDisruptions: 2021-4 – As the automobile quickly moves towards becoming a battery, computer and IoT sensors on wheels, all collision industry segments will be forced to change the way they manufacture, insure, appraise, repair, recycle and learn all of the above.  The Committee will paint a picture of the collision industry in 2035 where OEM’s, repairers, insurers and suppliers, people, processes and technologies have changed dramatically because the vehicle, its components, repair procedures and consumer require it!
  • FutureDisruptions: 2021-1 -How EV’s Will Disrupt the Industry Through Potential Regulation, Advanced Education Requirements, Consumer Education, New Repair Business, Claims, Parts and Safety Processes.
  • FutureDisruptions: 2020-11 -How EV’s Will Disrupt the Collision Industry (Panel discussion): [Panelists Mark Allen – Audi, Andy MacDonald – Lucid, Kelly Logan – Rivian, Mark Zoba – Nissan].
  • FutureDisruptions: 2020-7 – Full Presentation Slides as PDF (Videos below)

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