Governmental Committee

The following documents and reports were either produced by the CIC Governmental Committee or are related to the work of this committee. Click on the appropriate title in order to read or download the document. If you wish to comment on any of these documents or reports, please email the chairman.

Governmental Presentations

2021-7-Governmental: The Road to Electric Vehicles: Perils and Opportunities for the Collision Industry: This program would seek to address the changing vehicle landscape as the push for a shift to electric vehicles increases. Panelists will address the potential mechanisms that the government may use to incentivize electric vehicle adoption (cash for clunkers, subsidies, tax credits, federal rebate, etc.), and what these  strategies would mean for collision repairers. Additionally, panelists will discuss the technology behind electric vehicles, and what the potential loss of the OBD-II port would mean for vehicle data access.

2021-4-Governmental: Legislative Update —Discussing the future of vehicle data access policy, including upcoming potential legislative vehicles that may address vehicle data access.  Also, previous current, and future efforts in the 117th Congress legislative efforts on vehicle data access.

2021-1-Governmental: Legislative Update —The Legislative Committee provides an update on the various legislative efforts across the country.

2020-11-Governmental: Governmental Committee

2020-7-Governmental: COVID 19 Economic Stimulus Update, Special Presentation by SBA

2020-1-Governmental Legislative updates from NH, MN and Mass., Federal – COPRA, Autonomous Vehicle Update

2019-11-Governmental: Insight into the State Legislative Efforts; Covering various State House bills, their progress, and how they may impact the industry.

2019-4-Governmental: OEM Repair Procedures Update; Legislative Updates; Panel Discussion

2019-1-Governmental: Committee Update and Audience Polling

2018-10-Governmental: 2019 State and Federal Public Policy Outlook: A Snapshot of the Views of Collision Industry Segments

2018-8-Governmental: Special Presentation “OEM Repair Procedure Legislation, Review and Projections”

2018-4-Governmental: Special Topic: “Government and the Shop Environment” & OSHA

2018-1-Governmental: Panel Discussion – Public Policy Issues for Collision Repair, Moderated by Russell Thrall III

2017-10-Governmental: Panel Discussion – New Vehicle Technology and Public Policy

2017-7-Governmental: Panel Discussion – Regulatory Impact on Aftermarket Parts. Panelists representing: CAPA, LKQ/Keystone, OE Alliance.

2017-4-Governmental: State vs. Federal Insurance Regulation; Pennsylvania Insurance Department

2017-1-Governmental: Changing tone in Congress and Regulatory Agencies

2016-11 Governmental: Telematics and Data Privacy are on a collision course!

2016-8 Governmental: What you are throwing in the trash is going to cost you BIG TIME! [Jennifer Blake, KPA]

2015-4-DataSharing: Data Sharing Subcommittee: Purpose, Issues and Next Steps

2014-7-Governmental: Legislative and Regulatory Challenges for the Driverless Future

2013-7-Governmental:  OUR GOVERNMENT “More or Less.” What Works Best? Part 2

2013-1-Governmental: OUR GOVERNMENT “More or Less.” What Works Best? Part 1

2012-7-Governmental:  Houston Auto Body Association



Brandon Thomas, GMG EnviroSafe, Inc
Jeanne Silver, CARSTAR Mundelein
John Eck, General Motors
Russell Thrall, Collision Week
Stephan Regan, Regan Strategies
Steve Daniel, Lamettry’s Collision
Chad Sulkala, Allstate
Fred Iantorno, CIECA