Industry Relations

The following documents and reports were either produced by the CIC Insurer-Repairer Relations Task Force or are related to the work of this committee. Click on the appropriate title in order to read or download the document. If you wish to comment on any of these documents or reports, please email the chairman.

Industry Relations Presentations

2021-7IndustryRelations: ADAS Repair Discrepancies; How They Do or Don’t Get Resolved: Listen to a panel of successful collision repair shop owners and insurers talk about their trials and tribulations in identifying and resolving ADAS related challenges and issues at the repair planning process stage, and how those resulting decisions impact the two Industry segments, and most importantly the consumer.

2021-4IndustryRelations: ADAS-Building Stakeholder Trust in the Procedures: The presentation will focus on addressing three sub-topics; 1. Answering the question – once and for all – “Are following OE procedures necessary?”, 2. What happens when repairers don’t follow factory procedures?, and 3. Building trust in the process with documentation.  Featuring I-CAR, Techcellerators and Safelite Auto Glass.

2021-1IndustryRelations: The Challenges of ADAS: How do we improve trust? An interactive presentation discussing the challenges faced in the industry.

2020-11-IndustryRelations: Panel Discussion: The Pandemic, Lessons Learned and How Might Our Business Models Look Different in the Future”.

2020-7-IndustryRelations: Panel Discussion: Stakeholder review, Future discussions.

2020-1-IndustryRelations: Panel Discussion: A Year in Review – pre- and post- scanning, vehicle calibrations, certified repair programs.

2019-4-InsurerRepairerRelations: Panel Discussion: Understanding More About OEM Certification Programs

2019-1-InsurerRepairerRelations: Committee Review and Audience Polling for Future Work

2018-10-InsurerRepairerRelations: Panel Discussion: 3rd Party Claims Models & Processes

2018-8-Insurer Repairer Relations: “Future Proofing” Collision Repair… Overview of some repairer facility business model changes that may start to show up and how they could impact other stakeholders

2018-1-InsurerRepairer Relations: Committee Activities Review and 2018 Initiatives

2017-10-RepInsRelations: “OEM Procedure Issues” – I-CAR’s “How to escalate” & “Dash Light” clarification

2017-4-Rep-Ins-Relations: A Closer Look at Repair Procedures [Astalos]

2017-1-InsurerRepairer: Survey Review / 2017 Initiatives

2016-4-InsRep: Committee Update to CIC Body

2015-4-InsRep: Rental Repair Expectations & Customer Satisfaction Update

2014-7-InsurerRepairer: Rental Repair Expectations & Customer Satisfaction

2014-4-InsurerRepairer: Digital Imaging Update

2013-7-InsurerRepairer:  Training as it Relates to Insurer-Repairer Relations

2013-4-InsurerRepairer: (Special Presentation from Kim Hazelbaker, HLDI – Collision Avoidance and Mitigation Technology)

2013-1-InsurerRepairer: Beneficial Insurer-Repairer Relations: Issues not yet addressed

2012-11-InsurerRepairer: Vendor Selection Panel Discussion

2012-4-InsurerRepairer: Panel Discussion: Indemnification; Most Beneficial Relationships

Committee Chairs

Jim Keller, 1Collision

Jonathan Chase, CSAA