Marketing Council

The following documents and reports were either produced by the CIC Marketing Council or are related to the work of this committee. Click on the appropriate title in order to read or download the document. If you wish to comment on any of these documents or reports, please email the chairman.

Marketing Presentations

2022-7MarketingCouncil: CIC Slogan Contest – CIC is looking for a Slogan Superhero, with the announcement of a contest for all CIC participants to take part. The committee will also update on the implementation of the new logo and industry outreach.

2022-4MarketingCouncil: The Incredibles: CIC Branding and Social Media News – The Marketing Council will unveil new branding for CIC, and update on new Attendee Ambassadors and social sharing.

2021-11-2MarketingCouncil: The Marketing Council will talk about Social Media Efforts, The Attendee Ambassador Program and the January Meeting Dates/Times.

2021-7-MarketingCouncil: The Marketing Council will talk about the New Attendee Ambassador program and the latest in meeting social sharing

2018-10-Marketing: 2018 Media Plan Review and Acceptance

2018-8-Marketing: 2018 Media Plan & Communication / Digital Engagement / Website – Updates

2018-4-Marketing: 2018 Media Plan / Digital Engagement / Website – Updates

2018-1 Marketing: Review of Online and Media Activities and Plan Development

2017-4-Marketing: Update to Activities: Video(s), Promotion, Social Media, Communications Plan

2017-1-Marketing: 2017 Activities and Initiatives

2016-8 Marketing: What does the data tell us? Survey Information

2016-4-Marketing: Insurance Attendance and Participation; Research Findings from Surveys

2016-1-Marketing: Committee Next Steps, Survey Update – Addition of Event Networking App for CIC

2015-4-Marketing: CIC Participant Survey Results – Methodology – Action Items

2013-1-Marketing: Mission Statement, Projects and Survey Results


Committee Members


Chair: Jordan Hendler: CIC Admin

Committee Members

Josh McFarlin, AirPro Diagnostics
Stacey Phillips, Radiant Writing & Communications
Zack Romero, Broadly
Petra Schroeder, Collisionista
Jill Tuggle, ABAT

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