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The following documents and reports were either produced by the CIC Emerging Technologies Committee or are related to the work of this committee. Click on the appropriate title in order to read or download the document. If you wish to comment on any of these documents or reports, please email the committee contact.


Emerging Technologies Work Products

Emerging Technologies Presentations


2021-7-EmergingTechGreatDesigns Great Designs In Steel – Collision Repair Considerations: Each year, automotive steel engineers share some of their research and development at the Great Designs In Steel (GDIS) event. The work they share directly impacts the collision repair industry, especially the new models the cover during the event. This presentation provide you with an update on the steels and vehicles covered
and how these new technologies impact you and the collision repair process.

2021-7-EmergingTechTelematics How Telematics May Affect Your Business Strategies: Most OEMs are now equipping their vehicles with connected telematics. Many of these systems notify the OEM when there has been a collision (or airbag deploy). This can and will change how the customer interacts with a collision shop going forward.

2021-4-EmergingTech1  EV Servicing Essentials: A panel of subject matter experts in the EV arena, each presenting a unique side of the challenges a collision repair shop must overcome to successfully repair an EV.  This is a high-level view of areas to be proactive in preparation as a collision service provider.

2021-4-EmergingTech2  SRS Repair Information & Inspection Best Practice Development: Steering Column inspection Updates and SRS Repair Information & Inspection Best Practice Development, with I-CAR.

2021-1-EmergingTech2  WIKI glossary Update for ADAS Features: Automotive Scan, Diagnostics, Calibration and Programming (Chuck Olsen).  Right to Repair act, Past, Present and future (Chuck Olsen).  Special Presentation: Equipment and Tool Institute ETI: an introduction to the “industry advocate for the tool and equipment industry” (Brian Plott, ETI)(Chuck Olsen, Bob Augustine, Jason Bartanen)

2021-1-EmergingTech The 2021-2022 roadmap and vision for the committee Electric Vehicles 101—the coming tide of electric vehicles to collision repair. National news related to demand, investments and future models
(Bob Augustine) (Chuck Olsen, Bob Augustine, Jason Bartanen)

2020-11-EmergingTech3 Steering Column Inspections Update & Best Practice Development (Jason Bartanen)

2020-11-EmergingTech2 ADAS Calibrations Workflow (Chuck Olsen, Darrell Amberson, Gene Lopez)

2020-11-EmergingTech Coding, Programming, Initialization (Bob Augustine, Chuck Olsen)

2020-7-EmergingTech3 ADAS Best Practices, Special Presentation by Bob Pattengale

2020-7-EmergingTech2 Steering Column Inspections – Controversy and Published Inaccuracies; Collision Hub Pic-A-Tech Exchange

2020-7-EmergingTech ADAS Calibrations Workflow: the value of a standardized industry process. CIC Wiki-Glossary: Automotive Scan, Diagnostics, Calibration and Programming

2020-1-EmergingTech Secure Vehicle Gateways, vehicle security. Panel discussion – Scan Tool Deep Dive.

2019-11-EmergingTech The value of a Standardized Industry Process; Discussion and updates on advanced technologies definitions, service information, and service provider segments; Draft of proposed definitions.

2019-7 EmergingTechnology & Insurer/Repairer Committees – Joint Committee Presentation on the Proliferation of Component Calibration

2019-4-EmergingTech ADAS & Safety Systems Technician Update, Implications for ADAS Recalibrations per OEM Procedures, Beyond the Scan

2019-1-EmergingTech Repair Scenarios Created by ADAS/Safety System Vehicle Capabilites – A technical look at various real-world situations created from scanning and/or the need to.

2019-1-EmergingTech The OEM-Aftermarket Partnership in the Service Ecosystem – How the Equipment & Tool Institute (ETI) works to facilitate the information flow between the OEM’s and aftermarket tool providers for the benefit of the industry

2019-1-EmergingTech ADAS/Safety Systems Impact on the Estimating Process – A Special Presentation on the impact new vehicle safety systems are having on the estimating process

2019-1-EmergingTech How ADAS/Safety Systems are Impacting our Industry, a Statistical View

2018-10-EmergingTech Task Group Updates: Scanning, Diagnostics and Calibration – Committee Follow-up: OE Recommendations & Advanced Diagnostics and Safety (ADAS) Technician Position Update

2018-8-EmergingTech Special ADAS Presentation – Scanning, Diagnostics, and Calibrations

2018-4-EmergingTech Work Group Updates: When to Scan? New Scanning Skill Set Requirements

2018-1-EmergingTech Committee Accomplishments & Work Products, 2018 Initiatives

2017-10-EmergingTech Beyond Scanning: Enhancing your understanding around re-calibrations, resets, and reprogramming

2017-7-EmergingTech Presentation of Draft Documents for Acceptance & Next Steps

2017-4-EmergingTech2 Scanning and Diagnostics Task Force: Definitions Update and “When to Scan?”

2017-1-EmergingTech Panel Discussion: Scanning & Diagnostics

2016-11 Emerging Tech Update on current activities; BMS Standard is finally coming to the industry [Fred Iantorno]

2016-8 Emerging Tech  To Scan or Not to Scan? That is the question [Jack Rozint]


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