Estimating And Repair Planning

The following documents and reports were either produced by the CIC Estimating & Repair Planning Committee or are related to the work of this committee. Click on the appropriate title in order to read or download the document. If you wish to comment on any of these documents or reports, please email the committee contact.

Estimating & Repair Planning Presentations

2024-4Estimating [ppt show] – Boeing: From Wheels to Wings. Is there a difference in repair outcome? – Join special guest Kirsten
Bossenbroek Spalding, Technical Fellow and Engineering Liaison for Boeing Commercial Airplanes.

2024-1Estimating: [ppt show] Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Estimating Systems’ P-Page Updates.  Let’s recap the recent changes in all three Information providers procedure pages, including blend formulas in CCC and Solera Qapter, rivet bonding, OEM training and service procedures, and refinishing inner panels. In addition will be a live demonstration showing steps within rivet bonding procedures.

2023-7Estimating: [ppt show] A Journey Towards Collaborative [Language] Solutions – Engaging the CIC body through an interactive discussion redefining antiquated terminology. From archaic jargon to bygone expressions, where do they fall into the current repair and claims process.

2023-4Estimating: [ppt show] Jack of All Claims, Master of None – Placing the spotlight on conversations between repairers and customers about the repair process, this presentation will address a focus on having a productive repair consultation, setting realistic expectations in the repair process involving an insurance claim. The panel discussion will review various aspects of the consumer conversation, and where repairers tend encroach into the insurer claims process

2023-1Estimating: [ppt show] Does an Estimate provide a safe repair outcome for the vehicle owner? – Does an “Estimate” identify all repair considerations required to restore the safety of today’s vehicles? With the ever increasing usage of advance steels and substrates, advanced driver assistant systems (ADAS) and increasingly complex electronics, today’s vehicle pose a big challenge to AI estimates, adjusters and repairers who perform estimates. Discussion to identify strategies to remove the waste in “estimating” and “start repair planning” for safe repair outcomes.

2022-11Estimating: Mission Possible? The Repairable Claim Challenges – In this joint presentation, the Industry Relations & Estimating Committee will share through role playing the reality of what occurs during the claims process. Opportunities exist for Repairers and Insurers to work together to make a positive
experience which leads to a less stressful and safer repair outcome for all.

2022-7Estimating:Repairers and Insurers: Let’s Discuss the Challenges and Successes of Repair Planning – Our panel discussion of repairers and insurers will discuss both challenges and successes of repair planning, while following OEM repair procedures. Discussing what steps both repairers and insurers need, to document and get a repair claim approved while following OEM guidelines, making the vehicle owner whole, and for a proper and safe repair outcome.

2022-4Estimating: Stop Guessing and Start Researching for Safe Repair Outcomes – Continued presentation from PHX for part two. Now that we researched and located the OEM repair information. We will discuss how to effectively document your repair file as well as discussing how some of the OEMs would want their information shared to support a proper and safe repair outcome..

2022-1 Estimating (slideshow) Stop Guessing and Start Researching for Safe Repair Outcomes The Estimating Committee will dive into the extensive amount of research required on today’s modern and complex vehicles, to properly document and develop a repair plan for safe repair outcomes. This presentation will continue as a series throughout 2022.

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Estimating & Repair Planning Work Products

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Kevin Earlywine / Full Impact Technologies
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Scott Ellegood / Accountable Estimating LLC
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