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The following documents and reports were either produced by the CIC Parts & Materials Committee or are related to the work of this committee. Click on the appropriate title in order to read or download the document. If you wish to comment on any of these documents or reports, please email the chairman.

Parts & Materials Presentations

2024-4PartsMaterials [ppt show] – Minimizing Glaring Challenges with Matte & Semi-gloss Finishes- A panel discussion evaluating some of the difficulties and solutions when working to reproduce matte and semi-gloss finishes in production environments. Painting must be carried out in the cleanest possible conditions, as it is not possible to use polishing to mechanically remove surface defects. The panel’s objective will be to explore process and preparation to minimize flaws and improve repair quality. The conversation will include repair, materials and technical experts surrounding matte and semi-gloss application.

2024-1PartsMaterials: [ppt show]: More than just a pretty paint: How radar-compliance affects safety systems and repairs- The Committee will discuss how Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), specifically radar- reliant systems, are becoming more prevalent and more impactful on repair and refinish decisions; specifically, coatings and preparative processes that could restrict the functionality of sensors. With the advent of modern technology, refinish coatings have become much more than just a visually appealing way to cover the repairs. Join a panel of auto and refinish manufacturers to discuss the evolving technology, training and procedures that are impactful on repair decisions from the repair planner to the refinish technician.

2023-7Parts: [ppt show]: Blend Study – the Sequel! – In November 2022, the Parts & Materials Committee had SCRS present the CIC body with the results of a  collaborative research project performed in coordination with the major North American refinish companies to study the comparative value of Refinish vs. Blend. SCRS has been asked to provide an update on the “Blend Study,” ongoing efforts to respond to industry concerns, and any changes within the estimating guides resulting
from industry feedback and research. Be in the room for one of the most-requested sequels on the CIC stage!

2023-1Parts: [ppt show]: The role of vehicle materials in process and business decisions – The Parts & Materials committee will discuss the growing impact of how vehicle materials affect repair. From tool and equipment selection, to procedure and repair plan considerations; materials make a difference in virtually every aspect of the modern collision repair process. Join us as we invite a panel of automakers, information providers and industry experts to elaborate on the “why” behind business and repair decisions.

2022-11Parts: SCRS Blend Study Research – In August, the Society of Collision Repair Specialists (SCRS) conducted a research project in coordination with the major North American refinish companies to study the delta between what is necessary to perform a full refinish on a panel, and what is necessary to blend a panel to achieve a color match. The Parts & Materials committee will open the stage to companies who participated in the study to elaborate on the industry challenges, the background to the project, what was performed and the resulting learnings from the study. You won’t want to miss this presentation, and the first time this long-awaited research will be publicly presented.

2022-7Parts:  How Businesses are Managing Rising Costs of Parts and Materials – Parts and materials have been significant categories of rising costs, and the collision repair industry has felt the brunt of escalating costs and the erosion of profitability. In the April meeting the committee worked with Senior Associate Dean of the Price College of Business, University of Oklahoma to establish an economist’s perspective of inflation, and how current trends are affecting the industry with statistical snapshots of the challenge. In the upcoming meeting, the committee intends to further explore what businesses are doing to adjust to their rising costs accordingly, and how that is documented and presented to consumers and bill-payers.

2022-4Parts: As inflation accelerates, how can the industry navigate relief? An increasing number of American businesses – both large and small – say they now must pass on higher costs to customers. Parts and materials have been significant categories of rising costs, and collision repair businesses have felt the brunt of escalating costs and the erosion of profitability. The committee intends to hold a discussion providing a snapshot of what inflation looks like to a collision repair business, and how increases in costs affect performance and whether new approaches need to be recognized to keep pace with the state of rapid change.

2022-1 Parts (slideshow) Supply Channel Pressures in Collision Repair: As mainstream and trade-specific news headlines continue to shed light on growing supply chain challenges, there is a growing concern over how these challenges are hitting the collision industry.

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2021-11-2PartsAndMaterials: LiDAR Technology and AI: A discussion with Aaron Schulenburg (SCRS), Josh Center (I-CAR), Jason (Buck) Zeise (Lamettry’s Collision Centers) and Presentations from LiDAR Specialists Daniel Ferris of BASF and Cibby Pulikkaseril of Baraja.

2021-7-PartsAndMaterials: 3D Printing in Automotive Parts: Panel Discussion where the committee will explore emerging trends with the  potential for impact on collision repair parts and material applications, have a presentation on the technology behind 3D printing, and die-less forming of manufacturer production and marketplace replacement parts. Also including discussion around substrate considerations, manufacturing applications, business model obstacles to overcome in a professional environment and potential and current applications
within the collision repair industry.

2021-4-Parts: Parts & Materials Trends and Issues on the Horizon: From increasing technology to supply chain disruptions, 3D printed solutions to VIN-specific parts, color sensitive LIDAR and material spec tolerances, there is one certainty – the topic of parts and materials has a great deal of relevance to businesses involved in collision repair.  Committee co-chairs will give a short update on the committee desire for future content, and ask for feedback from the body on areas of interest.

2020-7-Parts: Parts workflow panel discussion; Questionnaire Results – APU Solutions, Audatex,, CCC One, Mitchell and PartsTrader

Download: Part Types as Defined by Platforms Spreadsheet

2020-1-Parts: 2019 Year in Review/Update – Part Type Challenge, Two Working Group Presentations.

2020-1-CounterfeitParts: – The Threat of Counterfeit Auto Parts: Presented by IPRC & A2C2

2019-11-Parts: Panel Discussion highlighting the challenges and opportunities identified in the ongoing parts definitions discussions and the various perspectives within the industry.

2019-7-Parts: Panel Discussion that will help attendees better understand the relationships between vehicle manufacturers and parts manufacturers. Identified focal points are parts ideation, specifications, engineering and distribution.

2019-4-Parts: Parts Definitions: Objective – Participate in, and communicate part type discussions, descriptions and definitions the collision industry can adopt nationally.

2019-1-Parts: Future Plans and Discussion about OEM parts definitions

2018-8-Parts: Guest Association Presentation: 2018 Update by A2C2 – The Automotive Anti-Counterfeit Council

2018-4-Parts: 2018 CCC “Crash Course” Report Overview

2018-1-Parts: 2017 Activity Review, 2018 Speaker Plans

2017-7-Parts: Introducing “A2C2” – The Automotive Anti-Counterfeiting Council

2017-1-Parts: Survey Review / 2017 Initiatives

2016-8 Parts: I ordered an aftermarket part and they delivered OEM, now what do I do?

2016-4-Parts: Parts Procurement Update; Alt-OE Parts Classifications

2016-1-Parts: Electronic Parts Procurement Panel Discussion

2015-4-Parts: Electronic Parts Procurement & Matrix

2014-7-PaintMaterial: National IPR Coordination Center (Intellectual Property)

2014-4-Parts: (Technical Committee) Paint & Materials Wars, a blast from the past.

2014-1-Parts: Electronic Parts Procurement Working Group – Survey Findings

2013-7-Parts: Electronic Parts Procurement Survey Presentation

2013-4-Parts: Refinish Subcommittee – Paint & Materials Compensation

2013-1-Parts: Committee Work and Issues to Consider

2012-11-Parts: AHSS, Weld-Bonding, 2013; Dodge Dart Structure Presented by: Doug Craig, Chrysler – Service Engineering Collision Repair Manager

2012-7-Parts: PartsTrader Update

2012-4-Parts: Refinish Subcommittee – The Impact of the Current Methodology for Paint and Material Compensation

Committee Members

Chair: Aaron Schulenburg, SCRS


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