Talent Pool & Education Committee

The following documents and reports were either produced by the CIC Talent Pool & Education Committee or are related to the work of this committee. Click on the appropriate title in order to read or download the document. If you wish to comment on any of these documents or reports, please email the chairman.

Talent Pool & Education Documents

Draft: Role-Based, Verifiable, Professional Credentials Project


We are committed to working together with all facets of the collision repair industry to reach the following outcomes:

  • Create an environment of collaboration among the collision industry that is focused on training, recruiting, hiring, and retaining future generations of collision repair industry employees.
  • Minimize competition between segments of the industry and work together to portray the collision repair industry as a safe and viable industry for a career and to make it the reality.
  • Incorporate new technology and the constant evolution of technology into the collision repair industry as a whole, From training and recruitment to ongoing education and certification.
  • Provide the industry with straightforward and useful resources for education, training, recruiting, hiring, and retaining future generations of successful collision repair employees.

Work Products

White Paper – writing guidelines and purpose:

  • The WP initiative is a collaborative writing approach to include a wide amount of experience and varying backgrounds in the industry. It will not be written from the perspective of one company but from a group of Industry professionals passionate and knowledgeable about the subject matter. In addition to the writing teams we will be leaning on the experience of the larger entire committee to gain as much knowledge and experience as possible. Writing teams of 2-4 people were assembled on the 5 main topics: Career Path, Leadership, Apprenticeship, Recruitment and Skills.
  • The WP will be a living document. It is supposed to give options and (consumable) choices that are best suited to every shop’s unique situation as a starting point.

Talent Pool Committee Industry and Student Survey Results


2021-7-TPEducation Entry Level Skills Training: The committee, with Kurt Lammon, will be providing an update on the work the committee has done to identify training available to support the “key” skills identified as necessary skills for an entry level technician. 

2021-4-TPEducation Key Knowledge and Skill Training Progress: Highlighting the training available to support the key knowledge and skill areas identified by the industry for entry level technicians, with industry presenters.

2021-1-TPEducation Special Guest George Arrants, ASE, will present current survey data and statistics on people coming into the industry and technical colleges, and retention versus other trades. [Bud Center, Petra Schroeder]

2020-11-TPEducation Education & Talent Pool Committee [David Willett, Winston Cover]

2020-7-TPEducation Merging Talent Pool Committee with Education & Training Committee

2020-1-Education Entry-level Technician Task Expectations.

2020-1-TalentPool Committee Goals, Objectives, and ask for Help.

2019-11-Education Entry-level Training Committee – An ASE presentation and then a short interview of the Entry-Level Technician Task Expectations from the CREF Snapshot, a follow-up on the ASE Ed Foundation Survey and a discussion on Entry-Level tasks.

2019-11-TalentPool Industry and student survey results; next steps.

2019-7-TalentPool The new CIC Talent Pool Committee and Education and Training Committee joined forces to develop and explore solutions to the Recruitment and Retention challenges of our industry

2019-4-Education Critical Practices Beyond Scanning: Ask the Experts (Panel Discussion)

2019-4-Talent Pool A Critical Shortage; New Committee Information

2019-1-Education ADAS/Safety Systems Training Availability and Requirements Panel Discussion – A panel discussion with subject matter experts

2018-10-Education Task Force 1 Update: Review OEM study on Required Training Skills. Task Force 2 Update: Training Credentials follow-up

2018-8-Education Define, Identify & Catalogue Role-based, verifiable credentials / “ADAS & Safety Systems Technician”

2018-4-Education New Task Force Findings & Reviews: #1 OE Hands-on Training, #2 Role Based Credentials

2018-1-Education Industry Survey Results, Task Group Planning

2017-10-Education Technician Survey Results / Assessment / Recommendations

2017-7-Education Survey Data & Preliminary Analysis: Task Force Updates Task Force 1 – Technicians, Task Force 2 – OEM Manufacturer

2017-4-Education Task Force 1: Survey of Shop Personnel; Task Force 2: Survey of Paint Manufacturers and Others

2017-1-Education Survey Review / 2017 Initiatives

2016-8 Education Panel Discussion: In house technical training and development programs that really work

2016-4-Education Repairers Creating Training Programs and Suggestions for Supporting Local CTE

2016-1-Education AMI Update- Jeff Peevy President AMI; Chief Training Delivery Methods- Richard Perry OEM and Strategic Account Sales Manager; I-CAR New Classes and Delivery Methods-Nick Notte Director, Finance and Operations

2014-7-Education Mentoring Career & Technical Education Instructors on Preparing Students to Enter the Workforce

2014-4-Education Isocyanate Emphasis Program, OSHA announced NEP in June of 2013

2014-1-Education Overview of Isocyanates

2013-7-Education CIECA BMS, the value you can’t see – Fred Iantorno, CIECA

2013-4-Education Hazard Communication 2012

2012-4-Education Vehicle Technology Changing the Present and Future – Susanna Gotsch, CCC

2012-11-Education  Demographic Trends Driving Car-Sharing Growth by CCC


Committee Members

Bud Center

Petra Schrooeder

Tony Adams
Darrell Amberson
George Arrants
Matt Boyles
Dave Brinkley
Roger Cada
Winston Cover
Kevin Creegan
Jerry Dalton
Josh Davis
Brandon Eckenrode
Lisa Ferguson
Robert Gallant

Jim Goepfrich
John Gustafson
John Helterbrand
Jordan Hendler
Fred Iantorno
Tom Julius
Kevork Kahwajian
John Keller
Kurt Lammon
Gene Lopez
Lakeitria Luter
Robert Lynch
Patrice Marcil

Josh McFarlin
Chuck Olsen
Richard Perry
Ron Reichen
Amber Ritter
Beth Rutter
Chuck Searles
Jan Srack
Bill Stage
Ken Thayer
Doug Webb
David Willett