Data Access, Privacy & Security Committee

The following documents and reports were either produced by the CIC Data Access, Privacy & Security Committee or are related to the work of this committee. Click on the appropriate title in order to read or download the document. If you wish to comment on any of these documents or reports, please email the chairman. (This is also the former Open Systems Task Force information.)

Work Products

ADOPTED: Golden Rules of Data Protection and Sharing

Vehicle Data Access, Privacy & Security Presentations

2021-7-DataAccess: Data Access and Business Needs: The Committee will discuss Data Access and real-world business cases that may have relevance to industry stakeholders. The Committee will also present an addition to the Data Access “Golden Rules” for the body to consider.

2021-1-DataAccess: An update on the “Golden Rules” work product opportunity for companies to endorse the best practices on the CIC site. The committee intends to build broader understanding and illustrate what data is capable of being contained within data transactions using standards created by CIECA.

2020-11-DataAccess: Collision Industry Data Protection and Sharing ‘Golden Rules’

2020-7-DataAccess: SPECIAL PRESENTATION, Mitchell Update on EMS/BMS; The Golden Rules of Data for the Collision Industry

2020-1-DataAccess: Company Positions on Data Access, Security and “the Golden Rules”; CCPA Review and Exemptions

2019-11-DataAccess: Items being considered for guide/tutorial; Data use and policy presentations from Enterprise Rental Car and CCC; Introduction of Data Access, Use, and Security Golden Rules.

2019-7-DataAccess: Updates on CA 375, shop data capture related to AB375 (EMS, BMS, other integrations) What does the AB981 amendment mean, What businesses need to consider, PII: what it is, where is it found and who is using the data?

2019-4-DataAccess: California Consumer Privacy Law (CCPA), other states and what a Business needs to consider…

2019-1-DataAccess: The newly formed Data Access, Privacy & Security Committee will host a special presentation from attorney Patrick McGuire on the issues related to data generated from scanning and other safety systems related activities

(Open Systems TF Presentations)

2018-10-Open Systems: Summary of Formation, Activity & Outcomes

2018-1-OpenSystems: Stakeholder Reaction & Outcomes

22017-10-OpenSystems: Impacts of Findings and Positions of Industry Stakeholders

2017-7-OpenSystems2: CCC Secure Share

2017-7-OpenSystems: Findings & Perspectives of Industry Stakeholders

2017-4-OpenSystems: Task Force Accomplishments; Panelists and Topics of Discussion

2017-1-SpecialPresent: [Frank Terlep] CIECA BMS: Industry Standard or a New Way to Control and Centralize Industry Data?

Committee Members


Dan Risley, CCC, 708-250-7718
Trent Tinsley, EHI

Committee Members:

Frank Terlep: Auto Techcelerators
Aaron Schulenburg: SCRS
Rick Palmer: Computerlogic
Kelly Cooper: 1Collision
David Willett: Prosight Specialty Insurance
Steve Betley:
Vic Halpin:
Phil Martinez: Mitchell International
Paul Barry: CIECA
John Webb: TenPoint Complete
Jack Rozint: Mitchell
Denise Koukal: LaMettry’s Collision